Intel Core i7 10700K @ 4.9GHz Boxed Processor

Intel Core i7 10700K @ 4.9GHz Boxed Processor

  • $ 609.99

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10700K @ 4.9GHz up to 8 cores, 5.0GHz up to 4 cores.
Vcore under heavy load @ 1.350V BIOS, 1.280V Socket Sense, 1.190V Die Sense.

This CPU is guaranteed stable with the following settings when using matching components from our QVL. We go through a rigorous stress test routine to ensure stability for the vast majority of use cases.

  • Ai Overclock Tuner: XMP II
  • AVX Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset: 1
  • CPU Core Ratio: By Core Usage
    • 1-Core Ratio Limit: 50
    • 2-Core Ratio Limit: 50
    • 3-Core Ratio Limit: 50
    • 4-Core Ratio Limit: 50
    • 5-Core Ratio Limit: 49
    • 6-Core Ratio Limit: 49
    • 7-Core Ratio Limit: 49
    • 8-Core Ratio Limit: 49
  • Digi+ VRM
    • CPU Load-line Calibration: Level 4 (Level 3 for Apex, Extreme, Formula, Hero)
  • Internal CPU Power Management
    • Long Duration Package Power Limit: 210
    • Short Duration Package Power Limit: 210
  • CPU Core/Cache Voltage: Manual Mode
  • CPU Core Voltage Override: 1.350

    As of 8/18/20, 100% of tested 10700K fell within our 4.9GHz bin or greater.

    Optional Delidding:
    Peak core temperatures under a heavy overclocked load typically decrease anywhere from 5°C to 12°C for Intel 10th generation CPUs. Delidding may take up to one business day to complete, depending on current pre-delidded inventory available. See here for more information on delidding.