Broadwell-E Direct Die Mounting

Direct Die Mounting is only intended for installation by expert users. Please consult with a qualified technician for installation. Improper installation may result in damage to your processor or other equipment. Any damage to the CPU die or damage to the components on the CPU package will void your standard Silicon Lottery warranty. Silicon Lottery assumes no liability whatsoever for the use of this product, nor its installation. The following instructions are subject to change without notice. Check back at this page for future updates.



    After removing the integrated heat spreader (IHS), the height of our processor is much lower. Cooling solutions will no longer make good contact with the 2011-3 mounting mechanism attached. We will also need to lower the height of our cooler to make proper contact with the CPU die. Lowering the back plate is the easiest way to do this with motherboards that support it. Our delidding service includes the tools and accessories needed.


    Step 1:

    Make sure you are using a motherboard with an adjustable 2011-3 socket instead of the standard 2011-3 socket. Shown below is a comparison between the Asus Rampage V Extreme (left) and the Asus X99 Deluxe (right). The screw holes on the X99 Deluxe are attached to the socket frame, so they cannot be easily adjusted. The screw holes on the Rampage V Extreme are attached to the socket back plate, which lets us easily adjust the height. 

    Direct Die Compatible Motherboards:


    Motherboards not on this list will require an additional effort to get the correct mounting pressure, and are not recommended by Silicon Lottery at this time.

    Standard 2011-3 Socket



    Step 2:

    Remove the top of the mounting mechanism by loosening the four screws shown below with the provided T20 screwdriver key. We recommend placing your processor in the motherboard socket at this point to help protect the socket pins while you're working.



    Step 3:

    Remove the back plate from the motherboard and place two (2) of the provided washers on each of the screw holes as shown below. This will lower the height of the screw holes on the motherboard, giving us the correct mounting pressure for direct die contact.



    Step 4:

    Now place your back plate on a flat surface and carefully place your motherboard back on top. Install the M4 threaded screws provided with your cooling solution to help hold the back plate in place.



    Step 5:

    Apply your choice of liquid metal TIM to the CPU die. We recommend using either Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut or Coollaboratory Liquid ultra. (REMINDER: Do NOT use liquid metal compounds with aluminum based heat sinks!)



    Step 6:

    Mount your cooling solution. Be careful and take your time with this last step. Alternate between screws when tightening to ensure all screws are tightened evenly. Mounting pressure must be perfectly even on all sides to prevent damage to the CPU die, and to also prevent any problems booting. Most cooling solutions should work without problems, as all we have done is lower the factory screw holes.



    An example of before and after temperatures on a 6950X @ 4.4GHz running at 1.35V during 15 minutes of Asus Realbench on a Corsair H105: