LGA 4094 AMD Ryzen Threadripper

These are the lists of vendors and components that Silicon Lottery has verified to be compatible with the overclocks we test for.

Cooling is the most important factor to match. If your cooling solution is not equivalent or better than what we have tested with, you will not be able to reliably match our results.

This list is not static, and will continually change over time. All parts assume an ambient room temperature of 25°C or less. 

Asus ROG Zenith Extreme

Corsair H105
Enermax LiqTech TR4 360

Thermal Paste:
Arctic MX-4
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut
GELID Solutions GC-Extreme

G.SKILL F4-2400C16Q-32GFX
G.SKILL F4-2400C16Q-32GFXR
G.SKILL F4-2400C15Q-32GFX
G.SKILL F4-2400C15Q-32GFXR
G.SKILL F4-2133C15Q-32GFXR
G.SKILL F4-2133C15Q-32GFX