Silicon Lottery 1 Year Warranty

What is Covered

This warranty covers a one-time replacement for any defects or malfunctions that may develop over time on processors purchased from  Replacement processors will not be eligible for any additional replacements.

Requirements to maintain coverage

The complete retail packaging included with your order must be returned for warranty service. This means you will need to store your retail box somewhere during the life of the warranty. Intel or AMD case stickers do not need to be returned if they were used.

How Long Coverage Lasts

This warranty runs for 365 days from the date of purchase. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser, and does not transfer upon resale.

What is Not Covered

Processors are thoroughly inspected before shipping to ensure perfect working condition. This warranty does not cover physical damage to the processor. Some examples of physical damage include missing components, product information being removed from the integrated heat spreader (“IHS”), bent pins on AMD processors, and processor edges warped, bent, or cracked. Processors subjected to extreme cooling conditions (phase change, dry ice, LN2) are not covered by this warranty. Processors with their IHS removed (“delidded”) by the end consumer are not covered by this warranty. Any product recalls by an original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) are not covered by this warranty. Problems that occur from a design flaw acknowledged by an OEM do not qualify as a defect or malfunction under this warranty.

What Silicon Lottery Will Do

Silicon Lottery will test the processor upon receipt to verify any defects or malfunctions. Once the problem has been verified a replacement processor will be issued. If available at the time, a binned processor with similar specifications will be given. If a comparable sample is not available at the time, you will receive a processor of the same model instead. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs involved with warranty service.

How to Get Service

Contact us at


Delidding service Guarantee

Processors not purchased from Silicon Lottery that are sent in for delidding are not covered under this warranty. We guarantee a successful delidding process, and will offer a replacement of the same processor model if any physical damage occurs during delidding. Otherwise, Silicon Lottery is not liable for any defects or malfunctions that occur after the processor has been shipped back to the customer.