Intel 7800X @ 4.9GHz Boxed Processor Delidded

$ 469.99

This CPU is guaranteed stable in real world workloads when using the settings below and matching components from our QVL. We go through a rigorous stress test routine to ensure stability for the vast majority of use cases. 

  • 1.275V Vcore
  • -3 AVX Offset
  • -5 AVX512 Offset

This CPU includes our delidding service! Temperatures under an overclocked load (1.2V-1.3V) typically decrease anywhere from 10°C to 20°C when delidded, ensuring greater stability and a longer component lifespan.

  • IHS is removed from the CPU.
  • Components near the CPU die are coated with liquid electric tape.
  • Stock thermal paste is replaced with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut.
  • IHS is sealed back into place, so the CPU can be treated just as if it were stock.