Silicon Lottery Delidding and Binning

Silicon Lottery Delidding and Binning

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Silicon Lottery Delidding and Binning

Any orders placed for our delidding service will need to be delivered to us by November 30, 2021 for completion.

Service from Silicon Lottery to mail in your own processor for delidding.
Shipping instructions are located here.

Delidding with Conductonaut (73 W/m·K):

  • The integrated heatspreader (IHS) is carefully removed from the CPU.
  • Components under the IHS are coated with liquid electric tape, if applicable.
  • Stock thermal interface material (TIM) is replaced with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal.
  • IHS is sealed back into place, so the CPU can be treated just as if it were stock.


    • We put the CPU through our standard frequency tests to determine their bin, just like the processors we sell on our site.
    • The maximum stable all core frequency we recommend for the processor when used with components on our QVL will be determined. 
    • Binning results will be included on your packing slip.
    • For reference to our historical bins, see here.

    Peak core temperatures under a heavy overclocked load typically decrease anywhere from 15°C to 25°C when delidded for Intel 3rd through 8th generation, 3°C to 7°C for Intel 9th generation, and 5°C to 12°C for Intel 10th generation.

    The available shipping options for sending your processor back to you are shown during checkout. Once received, it generally takes one business day for service to be completed. Assuming USPS Priority Mail both ways, the total turn around time is typically about 5 business days.

    We guarantee a successful delidding process, and will offer a replacement of the same processor model if any physical damage occurs during delidding. Please note that we do not service previously modified or delidded processors.